Straight Stairlifts Information

Wireless Remote Control

The lift can be ‘called’ or sent up or down the stairs to wherever it’s needed.

Full 1 Year Warranty Is Included with All our Stairlift Installations
simple joystick control Simple joystickUsing the lift is as easy as pushing the joystick in the direction of travel. Quick Installation within 2 weeks or days following a site survey
stairlift lap harness Lap Harness:All stair lifts are fitted with the essential safety feature of a lap harness. Additional Options Available
Swivel stairl lift seat safety cutout folding arms and seat
Swivel seat, locks in either 45° or 90° position.The seat turns and locks in either a 45° or 90° position, helping you get into, and out of, your stair lift easily and safely   .. Safety cut-out sensors on carriage and footrestIf anything is blocking the progress of the stair lift it will come to an immediate halt. There are 5 sensors, 3 on the footrest, and 2 on the carriage. Folding arms, seat and footrest:The arms, seat and footrest all neatly fold away. With its ultra slimline design there’s plenty of room for other users of your staircase.
Power Supply 24 volt DC
Speed 0.07 meters per second
Load Capacity 280 lbs (127 kgs)
Standards BS 5776; 1996 CE marked
Operation Joystick / Remote Control
Stair Angles 28° – 52°
Seat Height 18 inches
Seat Upholstery Conforms to BS5876, fire retardant


Dimensions (in inches)
7. Top of seat to top of seat back 20
8. Depth of seat 15
9. Width of seat 15
10. Depth of foot platform 13½
11. Width of foot platform 12
Dimensions (in inches)
12. Width when folded 15¼
13. Overall width 22¼
14. Distance required at foot of stairs 24½
15. Outer edge of rail from skirting
Dimensions (in inches)
1. Width outside armrests 23½
2. Width between armrests 18
3. Top of armrest to top of seat back 12
4. Top of seat to top of armrest 9
5. Top of footrest to top of seat 18
6. Footrest surface to floor
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