Stairlifts for the Elderly

by: Ann Bransom

As the number of residents in long term care facilities decreases, the need for personal assistance and equipment has increased for our country’s disabled and aging populations. According to Older Americans 2010: Key Indicators of Well Being (Older Americans 2010), the fifth in a series of reports produced by the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging Related Statistics (Forum) that describe the overall status of the U.S. population age 65 and over, the need for personal assistance has decreased in the last 10 years as more people require equipment only in order to maintain their independence:

“The age adjusted proportion of people age 65 and over who had difficulty with one or more ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and who did not receive personal assistance or use special equipment with these activities decreased from 42 percent to 34 percent. More people are using equipment only—the percentage increased from 28 percent to 38 percent…This assistance helps older people living in the community maintain their independence.”

Thanks to technological innovations such as stair lifts for the interior and exterior of people’s homes, the elderly and people with limited mobility are able to stay in their own homes longer and without the assistance of a caregiver.

For example, the Bruno Electra Ride Elite SRE 2010 offers an access to any level of the home, without cumbersome equipment. This design is streamlined to fit seamlessly into the design of any home. Here are some of the features available:

Remarkable stability through the improved clamping and rail design A vertical, straight rail that installs to within 6 in (152 mm) from the wall – family members and guests will have no problem using the stairs

Superior aesthetics, including seven different choices of upholstery

Visual coded diagnostics for instant unit status a time saver when maintenance/service representatives know what to expect in advance

Two 12 volt batteries – continuously powered from any household outlet – provide dependable performance, even during outages

A new, offset swivel seat, making the entry and exit position at the top landing safe and easy

With innovations like this from Bruno, more families are able to keep their loved ones out of unnecessary long term care facilities such as nursing homes longer. Furthermore, the ability to perform ADLs has been linked with higher quality life and an increased lifespan overall.
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